Up and Running

September 15, 2015



I love September. Absolutely love it. Not just the vibrant colors, cooler weather, and tasty comfort foods, either. Even as the leaves die and animals start to hunker down for the winter, to me, Autumn represents a fresh start. I suppose that’s rooted into my being as a result of new school years, new sports teams, and new schedules each September. Well out of school now, I still feel like I should be starting something new each September.

I’m addicted to lists; a sucker for making goals; and constantly organizing, planning, and scheming to visit someplace or do something new. When those qualities converge with the end of summer, something’s bound to happen. So, I signed up for a half-marathon with only two weeks to train. I also started a new Bible Study at my church. But there was a nagging in my head that I’ve ignored for far too long that needed to be addressed.

My head needs an outlet as much as my legs do. While I can certainly be chatty, I’m more of a thinker than a talker. A lot of my ideas get stuck and lost in the crazy space between my two ears without ever seeing the light of day. So, it’s time for a fresh start this September. I’m starting something new. It’s been a long time coming, but I’m finally getting my blog up and running.

Writing has always come naturally to me. But all the reports, essays, and business plans that I wrote in school took their toll on me over the years. After graduating from college, writing felt like work. But when I started writing about the outdoors, I got excited again.

As I’m finishing up my first guidebook, Day Hiking Central Oregon, I’m ready to keep the momentum going. I won’t be blogging every week, but I will write more frequently and more intentionally. I don’t know what this blog will become. Maybe it will be nothing more than a space for a few hiking reports and travel trips, or maybe it will evolve into something more than that. That’s the best part of something new – the unknown.

My head is spinning, and my legs are restless. I’m excited. Time to get going.




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