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May 15, 2016

You know those days where you wake up, and from the very first second everything just seems like it’s going to go your way? You’re well-rested, the kids are happy, and the sun is shining. The coffee tastes especially delicious, and the birds flitting about outside seem to be even more musical than normal.


April 28th was not one of those mornings.


Being a full six months pregnant, I’m pretty used to my sleep being wacky. I seem to alternate between complete exhaustion and strange bursts of energy that make my husband look at me like I’m a complete weirdo.


On this particular morning, I was exhausted. I had restless sleep, and finally just decided to brew some coffee and get out of bed at 3:00 am. Derek was out of town, but our dog, Tonka, woke up with me. Well, by “woke up” I mean that she basically let gravity pull her down the stairs before she scampered onto the couch to fall back asleep.


I absolutely love being up early, but 3:00 AM is borderline crazy. I planned to just make the best of it, basically accepting the fact that I’d probably be a grumpy mess by about 2:00 in the afternoon. Except, that’s not what happened.


After getting an absurd amount of things checked off my to-do list before the little guy woke up, I was surprised by how much energy I had. Whether it was the less burdened me that shows up after accomplishing a bunch of things or just a weird symptom of pregnancy, I was just ready to go.


On our way to a play date, we dropped by the Post Office. This little errand is always a headache due to limited parking, grumpy people, and the tendency for Rowan to get super irritated that he has to get back in the car afterwards. Nevertheless, the PO Box had been neglected for awhile, so off we went. Like usual, Rowan ran up to the building and pressed the big blue handicap button that operates the door. With my keys in hand, he proceeded to test each key in any locked box he could find.


After redirecting to our box, we opened it up and found a big stack of mail – and a key. Another key! Rowan could hardly believe our luck. This exciting turn of events brought us to the opposite side of the Post Office, where the postal workers put packages that don’t fit in the boxes. We opened the assigned cubby and found a small but thick envelope that would have fit in our box had it not already been stuffed with so much junk.


This is where the day really turned around. With Rowan back to testing all the locks, I ripped open the package. Nestled underneath a handwritten note from Mountaineer Books’ head editor was a surprise advance copy of my book.


Day Hiking Central OregonA little over two years from signing my contract, Day Hiking Central Oregon was finally here. After 100+ crazy hiking adventures (most with dog and baby) and learning the ins and outs of working with a publisher, it’s hard to describe how exciting it was to finally hold the real thing in my hands. The initial shock wore off, quickly replaced by a permanent smile and another big energy boost that lasted me the rest of the day.


You’ll be seeing this guidebook in REI and other local stores in the next few weeks, but until then you can order it online through Amazon. Snag one of the first copies, then use it to start planning some awesome Central Oregon adventures this summer. Perfect timing.


No matter how your morning begins today, stay positive. You never know what’s around the bend.

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