Father’s Day & Looking Ahead

June 15, 2016

Photo Jun 11, 10 02 25 AMI’m lucky to have an incredible husband who absolutely loves being a dad. I’m equally lucky to have a dad of my own that set such an amazing example of what a good husband and father looks like. I could write pages and pages on each of them, but I thought I’d take a different approach to Father’s Day. Instead of talking about how awesome these two men in my life are, let’s chat about kids. You know – those things that give a normal guy the life-long, pressure-packed, and incredibly fulfilling role of father.

I’ve been looking forward to kiddo number two for a long time, and not just since the first one. Derek and I always knew we wanted two kids. We each grew up with a brother, so the idea of stopping after one kid wasn’t something we even considered. Being the crazy planner that I am, my ideal world even outlined that these two kids would be two-ish years apart – just like each of us are from our brothers. Luckily, I’m not insane enough to plot out which gender combo I’d prefer. After having Rowan, we were equally excited about the possibility of him having a brother or a sister.


P1010104Our hearts were incredibly full from the moment Rowan entered the world. I knew we’d have that second child someday, but since it wasn’t eminent, we didn’t hold back on any of our original plans. At a year old, Rowan had already taken 18 plane rides, including a few cross-country trips and one cross-Atlantic one. He came along on just about every hike for Day Hiking Bend & Central Oregon and learned to crawl on our winter trip to Brussels, London, and Amsterdam. While we’ve definitely had to adjust with a child, he never slowed us down. I knew that we were doing things with him that the second kid probably wouldn’t experience, but Rowan probably wouldn’t remember it anyway.


I started thinking ahead to all the highlights from my childhood and how I could give him the same memories. I’m so looking forward to taking him rafting and skiing, or watching him summit South Sister on his own two feet instead of in a backpack. I can’t wait to go on family bike rides and watch his sporting events.

Photo Jun 11, 10 11 12 AMWhenever I’d let my mind fast-forward to those amazing future memories, I’d picture that faceless little brother or sister who would be part of our family. I’d picture all the crazy adventures that we’d attempt with our little family of four and all the memory-making mishaps that would occur – those kinds that are frustrating and scary in the moment, but make for excellent stories later on.

Our family has never felt empty or lacking, but at the same time I knew that when the second kid arrived, it would be whole. That second little child will arrive sometime in early to mid-August. I know it will be another adjustment, but I’m beyond excited for another new beginning with this addition. I’m excited for the mountaintop family photos, camping trips, and simply watching two perfectly crazy little kids witness and experience all the wonders of this world for the first time.

I can’t wait.

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